From Chicago to San Francisco, the Amazing Acro-Cats entertain and educate

Domestic and former orphan cats take the stage highlighting remarkable intelligence and curious feline personalities of the Amazing Acro-Cats, and Tuna and the Rock-Cats. Originating in Chicago, the feline troupe travels to stages all around the countryside such as Fort Mason’s Southside Theater in San Francisco, Brooklyn Music School Theater in New York, Denver’s Bug Theater and Detroit’s Jam Handy Theater. Chief Executive Human (CEH) Samantha Martin leaped into this exciting new venture with her house cats and other feline rescues. She trains her cats through “Clicker Training” which is a stress-free positive reinforcement method used to train animals. During the show, the act offers education and entertainment. The entertainment includes anything from cats skateboarding to jumping through hoops to challenging a chicken in a bowling showdown. These feline wonders amaze the hearts of their audiences with a variety of entertaining acts. Traveling around the nation in the Acro-Cat bus, the talented crew includes the Acro-Cats, Tuna and the Rock-Cats, a variety of rescue animals and supporting human staff. Adding to the success of their feline entourage is the up and coming star named Alley, who made the Guinness Book of World Records, holding the record for the longest cat jump.

Tuna and the Rock Cats offers meows-ical delight for audiences around the country

The feline finale offers a grand performance by Tuna and the “Rock Cats”. The show includes a white cat that stomps on a tiny electric piano, a Siamese cat that paws its talent on a tiny electric guitar and two others who hone the sounds on a cowbell and chimes. Other supporting stars include a chicken that pecks at a tambourine and a groundhog that pulls a rope that swings a mallet at a gong. In complete “catamonium,” various performing cats wander the stage or jump onto their audience for friendly feline fun. It’s a purrr-fect way to end the show. Samantha Martin and her human supporting crew help to make this show an event to remember. Browse our website at and find out more about the Amazing Acro-Cats.

Humans and cats work together providing life for less fortunate felines

The Amazing Acro-Cats, and their human staff, are devoted to promoting the mental and physical health of cats in as many places around the country as they can reach. Samantha Martin began by rescuing her own pets and since has rescued and found homes for more than 200 homeless felines young and old all around the country. She also encourages and supports feline fostering, rescue and adoption. The show performed by the traveling troupe of former orphans, rescues and strays are both entertaining and educational. Finishing the latest show on November 12th at the Legacy Theater in Springfield, Illinois, the Acro-Cats’ next stop is the Theater of St. Claude in New Orleans on December 1st for the Amazing Acro-Cats Meowy Catmas Special. For more information or tickets to the upcoming show, call us at 773-549-3357.

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