Rex, the Grand PooBah, is super excited about the new and creative litter box design aka the Grand PooBox.

Rex knows how messy kitty litter can be. He can’t wait to tell everyone about the new design in litter boxes with the Grand PooBox. ”The Grand PooBox is purr-fect! Meow… It’s designed to keep my paws cleaner because when I’m finished with my business, the kitty litter stays inside the box” says Rex. This unique design, made to keep the area around the litter box cleaner, has an internal grated ramp so when your cat walks up the ramp and out, the litter does not follow. Rex boasts that this litter box with a purr-puss offers 50% less litter which means 50% less clean up. That’s something to be excited about for cats and cat owner’s alike. No longer do you need to hide your ugly, messy litter box behind closed doors. The new Grand PooBox litter box is sleek in design and comes in four fabulous colors; white, tangerine orange, cobalt blue and charcoal grey. It’s easy to use and feline friendly. Take a moment to browse our website at and see how it works.

Rex and the Grand PooBox debut on ABC’s reality series, “FUNDERDOME”, with host, Steve Harvey

On Sunday, August 11, 2017, during Steve Harvey’s FUNDERDOME, a seed-funding reality TV series, Courtney Karsted, the designer of the Grand PooBox, pitched the latest in litter box concepts in front of a live audience of more than 400 people. FUNDERDOME features two entrepreneurs that pitch their ideas, products or companies in front of a live audience and the winner receives funding for their design. Recognized as the Grand PooBah of the Grand PooBox, Rex encourages cat lovers everywhere to try the Grand PooBox for your favorite feline family member. It’s easy to use, easy to clean up and looks great in almost any room. The Grand PooBox is 100% made in the USA and a portion of every sale goes to support CAT Adoption Team, Harmony House + Tree House cat shelters and rescue operations. Due to be released in December 2017, order this creative design in litter boxes today and receive a 20% discount and make your cat the Grand PooBah of the Grand PooBox.

About Grand PooBox

The Grand PooBox started as a simple concept from a cat owner and interior designer who decided to improve the average litter box design while containing the daily mess. The Grand PooBox reduces the amount of litter scattered on floors using an internal grated ramp as well as incorporating a stylish modern look. After appearing on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, the Grand PooBox continues to innovate super modern, yet functional litter box designs.