The Grand PooBox is a Feline Favorite in Litter Box Design

The Grand PooBox is a Feline Favorite in Litter Box Design

Rex, the Grand PooBah, boasts about the exceptional modern design with the Grand PooBox litter box.

Meow, I’m Rex the cat. Here I am going about my day and of course, it’s time to use my litter box. Lo and behold! The human surprises me with a new and innovative concept in litter box design, the Grand PooBox. Even better, she made me the Grand PooBah of the Grand PooBox. With a degree in interior design and a true understanding of the challenges of co-sharing a small urban condo with me, her messy cat, the human decided to create the Grand PooBox, a masterpiece in litter containment. This amazing new creation is contemporary in style and features various colors to fit in almost any décor. The Grand PooBox boasts 50% less litter, which means 50% less clean up, my friends. The Grand PooBox is easy to use. It has an upper removable lid, an internal grated ramp and a lower litter receptacle. The internal grated ramp aids in keeping the litter inside the box. It’s simple – As I walk up the ramp and out litter falls from my paws to the bottom of the box. The Grand PooBox is human and feline friendly, and is purr-fect for urban living. If you’d like to find out more about the Grand PooBox, check out the website at and make your feline family as happy as I am.

The Grand PooBox supports feline shelters and rescues in the Chicago area

My humble human is deeply involved in feline safety and rescue. With every purchase of the Grand PooBox, she donates a portion to support such cat shelters and rescue operations as CAT Adoption Team in Portland, Oregon, and Harmony House for Cats and Tree House Humane Society in Chicago, Illinois. Courtney is focused in the safety and shelter of less fortunate and defenseless felines. The Grand PooBox not only adds to the décor of your home, creates cleaner environments, but also aids in housing and caring for underprivileged cats. This unique and innovative litter box is set to release this December 2017 but is available now so pre-order yours through the website and you’ll receive a 20% discount on your new Grand PooBox litter box.

About Grand PooBox

The Grand PooBox started as a simple concept from a cat owner and interior designer who decided to improve the average litter box design while containing the daily mess. The Grand PooBox reduces the amount of litter scattered on floors using an internal grated ramp as well as incorporating a stylish modern look. After appearing on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, the Grand PooBox continues to innovate super modern, yet functional litter box designs.

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