How Does Your Cat Know You?

How Does Your Cat Know You?

Understanding how your cat knows you is a value all its own

When your beloved cat is poised on his or her favorite furniture and gazing upon you, how does he or she really see you? How does your cat really know it’s you? When humans see their pets through their adoring eyes, we see their hair color, body size, and other unique features that separate them from the rest. Are these the same characteristics that appeal to our feline friends and family? It might be interesting to know cats use a different set of senses than we humans and they may know you better than you know yourself. As you experience life with a cat, it’s easy to see that they know you, but how do they do it? Animal behavior experts report that cats learn to recognize their human-housemate’s habits. The clever creatures understand who has the treats in their pockets, the human actions that lead to their feedings and who scratches their favorite body parts. Their keen sense can go as far as what sounds to make to elicit desired responses from their favorite humans. That subtle purr that sooths you when you’re petting them tenderly or that meow that almost sounds like a welcoming “hello” when you’re least expecting it are telltale signs of their ability to please the human ear and heart. According to a study done in 2005 from researches at University of Pennsylvania and University of Texas at Dallas, cats may not see much variation in faces of humans. In the study, the subjects deciphered their owner about 54% of the time, while they detected their feline favorites about 91% of the time. The other keen senses are paramount in how they recognize their faithful owner.

The sound of the human voice makes all the difference in the feline world

Some experts are convinced that the human face just isn’t important to cats. Ultimately, their reliance upon the other senses is quite significant. The scent, touch and sound appeal to their ability for human recognition. Consider the human voice for instance. Felines hear their human-housemate’s voice from other voices as proven in a University of Tokyo study done in 2013. During the study, cats ignored stranger’s voices, while twitching their ears and turning their heads to listen more intently when their human favorite called out their name. Nevertheless, the communication and tenderness between cats and humans is unique from one family to another. Your caring voice makes all of the difference in their world. The experience of building a relationship with your feline favorite is a joy only cat owners understand. That joy resulting in a constant of smiles, chuckles and/or genuine happiness that you feel because of your feline housemate, even during the most hectic moments in a cat owner’s ever-changing world.

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