Learning the Love Messages from your Feline Favorite

Learning the Love Messages from your Feline Favorite

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the messages cats are trying to convey. They may prance right by you seemingly disinterested. Some might even show sloth-like behavior and other signs of boredom from their leisurely day. The attitude and love from your cat is often misunderstood. There are times your cat may nibble gently while licking your hands or you may feel a soft bite while petting your favorite feline. The good news is, a cat’s gentle nibbling, can be a sign of affection. The tender nibbles during licking are often love bites and are compared to other signs of affection like purring, rubbing up against you or cuddling. “Love bites are a form of communication,” said Dr. Elizabeth Colleran, a veterinarian at Chico Hospital for Cats in California, as reported in a care.com online article. “She may be driven to engage in this behavior in moments when she feels a strong sense of bonding,” said Colleran. Understanding the love language of your cat is a worthwhile venture.

When negative nibbling hurts the skin and the heart

Variations of a cat bite are telltale signs of feline emotion. “Your cat’s instinctual nature drives her to give these little nips, especially when she feels overexcited or overstimulated,” said Colleran. Sometimes a cat shows annoyance when petted or when delivered other human requests for attention, and that’s when a potential nibble may ensue. It’s not always easy to read cat bites when you’re on the receiving end of the nip. The diagnosis may be tricky, but understanding your cat and learning to decipher the difference between a positive or negative bite is a challenge for the sensitive cat owner. Once you take time to know your feline family member, the challenges most often dissipate.

A happy cat is a kneading cat

Learning the actions of a happy cat comes with taking time to understand his/her unique personality. One positive movement a cat may perform is the pushing of paws in and out, one at a time, against a blanket, your body or other soft surfaces. This action, called cat kneading, is a definite sign of a happy cat. The feline instinct to knead originates from birth. The kneading induces the milk for release into the mammary glands of the mother during feeding. This movement trickles into adulthood and results in comfort and contentment. Other signs of contentment include half-massed eyes and/or a purr sound that occurs when in a relaxed mode. This subtle groan is soothing to both feline and human. No matter the kind of affection that your cat conveys, understanding the signs are important for the love and care of your favorite feline.

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