We received a heartwarming story from one of our valued customers of the Grand PooBox litter box and readers of our monthly newsletter, The Scoop from Rex. Enjoy our latest PooBah of the Month.

Bean is a very special cat, once feral, gained the heart of his now favorite human, Lis. Lis met Bean at an extremely sad time in her life as she was bringing her sick feline family member, Data, into the veterinary clinic for the last time. Data had been suffering and her time had come. While Lis was saying her goodbyes with flowing tears and building up a wet pile of tissues, this rather peculiar and adorable kitty kept stealing Lis’ tissues and then bringing them to her feet. The kitten was a rescue and at that point, the office cat. At seven months old, the mischievous kitty was a catalyst for healing and eventual happiness for this sad, caring human. Lis lived in Montreal and it was a cold and weary time in February. That night, she had the rescued office cat, Bean, in her thoughts while mourning the loss of her beloved feline family member. The following day, she decided to check in on that playful kitty to see how he was doing. After careful thought, and realization that she needed Bean as much as Bean needed her, Lis ultimately made the decision to adopt him. Something about that mischievous furry critter grabbed Lis’ attention and the end-result is a bond that has lasted a decade.

Bean, now 10 years old, faces serious medical issues as he was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism this past September. At the very light-weight of 7.5 lbs., Lis and her partner knew something had to be done. After careful consideration of possible treatments for her feline family member, the decision was made. Iodine treatment was the answer. Though costly and somewhat dangerous, the treatment has no side effects and is very effective. Lis, who travels back and forth from Montreal to New York for her occupation, decided to move to New York and Bean joined her. Customs came with some new adventures, as Bean was the first animal to set off the Geiger counter because of the radiation still left in his body after his treatments. Traveling across the border is never easy, but Bean handled it like a trooper.

Bean, our “PooBah of the Month”, is a happy cat, living in New York City with his family, gaining weight at a healthier 8.3 lbs., and getting better every day. His mischievous nature is ever-present as he loves chasing his laser and playing fetch with family. Quite remarkable and very lovable, this once feral cat is cherished by some tremendously caring humans. Bean and family are excited about the Grand PooBox litter box arrival and know it’s going to be a purr-fect fit in their new home. Take a moment to browse the Grand PooBox website and see the innovative concept in litter box design. Grand PooBox designer, Courtney Karsted, knows the value for cat and cat owners alike, “…less litter, less mess, add a dash of modern design and you’ve got pet friendly innovation,” boasts Karstad.

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About Grand PooBox

The Grand PooBox started as a simple concept from a cat owner and interior designer who decided to improve the average litter box design while containing the daily mess. The Grand PooBox reduces the amount of litter scattered on floors using an internal grated ramp as well as incorporating a stylish modern look. After appearing on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, the Grand PooBox continues to innovate super modern, yet functional litter box designs.