Upon choosing to become a feline pet owner, two can be better than one

When considering a cat as your newest feline family member, understanding their innate desire to be free-spirited can be compared with unique ability to share the home with a fellow feline, whether it’s a sibling or a friend. As humans take on the role of cat owner, the day in the life of a human doesn’t change as it involves leaving the home for work or pleasure on a regular basis. For the lone indoor kitty, a cat’s life is merely to enjoy the benefits inside the home. No matter the size of your home, owning two cats is easy and can be more enjoyable. Take Tasha and Tessa for instance, two Seal Point Siamese cats that frolic throughout the day. On a rare occasion, their personalities clash, but most often they play together well and bath each other often. Tending to each other is an instinct that occurs on a daily basis. With a desire for mischief, each has their unique tendencies that create joy and laughter for their cat-loving owner. Chasing each other’s tail is a treat that never gets too old to watch for easily amused cat lovers.

A tail not often told about to beloved felines

Tessa is the cuddly one. She loves hanging out with her human and feline sis. Her curiosity leads to some precarious spots such as getting her head stuck in a box or her body sort of entangled inside the handle of a purse or grocery bag. She just looks up with her baby blue eyes and it looks as though she’s smiling right along with you. Though Tess is the smaller of the two, she has a hearty appetite and one that is never ending.

Tasha is quite different from her favorite feline, as she loves mischief. She teaches Tess everything she knows. At times, she can look at a completely unreachable point in a home and before you know it, well, she’s achieved her goal. Although upon first arrival, she was quite challenging at times, her astute nature allowed easy learning and she’s eliminated excessive climbing for her favorite human An alternate reality might be that she’s so clever she knows when to climb…when her human is not in sight. . She’s notorious for chasing her own tale on a daily basis. Along with Tessa, Tasha loves her sister and nestles with her daily, but her mischievous ways also leads to antagonizing her feline favorite, which makes for more entertaining fun for her human. The joy and love is constant in this “tail of two kitties” is a true story and can be your reality when considering the option to add felines to your family. In this case, two is better than one.

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The Grand PooBox started as a simple concept from a cat owner and interior designer who decided to improve the average litter box design while containing the daily mess. The Grand PooBox reduces the amount of litter scattered on floors using an internal grated ramp as well as incorporating a stylish modern look. After appearing on Steve Harvey’s Funderdome, the Grand PooBox continues to innovate super modern, yet functional litter box designs.