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Cats and Litter Boxes, How Do They Know?

Training made easy when instinct plays a factor Training a cat can be a trying, if not a futile endeavor, but when it comes to litter boxes, training becomes easy. While felines tend to have a mind of their own without a desire to follow human requests, their instinct to bury its business is evident [...]

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Learning the Love Messages from your Feline Favorite

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the messages cats are trying to convey. They may prance right by you seemingly disinterested. Some might even show sloth-like behavior and other signs of boredom from their leisurely day. The attitude and love from your cat is often misunderstood. There are times your cat may nibble gently while licking [...]

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The Grand PooBox Litter Box Makes Life Easier for Cats and Cat Owners Alike

Rex meows with excitement about the innovative concept in the new Grand PooBox litter box Meow, my name is Rex. I’m eager to tell you about this amazing innovation my human has created and it’s made just for me…The Grand PooBox litter box. With a desire to get rid of the dirty old litter box [...]

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Amazing Acro-Cats Purrr-form for a Purrr-pose

From Chicago to San Francisco, the Amazing Acro-Cats entertain and educate Domestic and former orphan cats take the stage highlighting remarkable intelligence and curious feline personalities of the Amazing Acro-Cats, and Tuna and the Rock-Cats. Originating in Chicago, the feline troupe travels to stages all around the countryside such as Fort Mason’s Southside Theater in [...]

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The Grand PooBox Litter Box Started Production and is the Purr-Fect Gift for Your Feline Family

Rex the cat is anxious to show off the Grand PooBox to fellow cats and cat owners everywhere The Portland, OR based company, Grand PooBox, has started production on the latest style in litter boxes. Cat-owner friendly and Rex approved, this innovative and contemporary concept hits the markets this December. Unique in design, Rex the [...]

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The Grand PooBox is a Feline Favorite in Litter Box Design

Rex, the Grand PooBah, boasts about the exceptional modern design with the Grand PooBox litter box. Meow, I’m Rex the cat. Here I am going about my day and of course, it’s time to use my litter box. Lo and behold! The human surprises me with a new and innovative concept in litter box design, [...]

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“Fabulous Feline” Me-ow’s About New Litter Box

Rex, the Grand PooBah, is super excited about the new and creative litter box design aka the Grand PooBox. Rex knows how messy kitty litter can be. He can’t wait to tell everyone about the new design in litter boxes with the Grand PooBox. ”The Grand PooBox is purr-fect! Meow… It’s designed to keep my [...]

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Grand PooBox Offers Modern Convenience and Contemporary Design to Cats and Owners Alike

The Grand PooBox litter box is not only a nod to modern design and functionality, it’s downright practical.. Imagine that morning when you’re running out the door and half way to your car, you realize that you forgot to clean the litterbox before you left and there’s no time to do it. Well, with the [...]

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Grand PooBox is Purrr-Fect for Modern Feline Owners

The Grand PooBox litter box design proposes less litter for a more tidy litter box environment  Cleaning the kitty litter isn’t the most pleasing chore on the list, but with the new Grand PooBox litter box, cleaning is easier and less tedious. This modern litter box is unique in design, pleasing to the eye and [...]

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With Grand PooBox, Courtney Karsted creates a ‘kitty litter box with purr-puss’

Read all about how a cat-loving designer created the stylish and effective Grand PooBox and how she's working to bring her invention to market. Source: With Grand PooBox, Courtney Karsted creates a ‘kitty litter box with purr-puss’ - The Garage

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