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Grand PooBox Exhibits at SuperZoo 2018 – The National Show For Pet Retailers

Grand PooBox announces exhibiting at SuperZoo 2018 Booth #2561 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas June 26 – 28, 2018. Portland, OR – June 11, 2018  Portland’s designer and entrepreneur, Courtney Karsted, has announced her company, Grand PooBox, LLC will attend SuperZoo 2018 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, June 26 – [...]

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Confident Kitty Cat Coaches Pups on how to Become Service Dogs

Ever imagine that your furry feline friend could teach a class? Well the friendly staff at Support Dogs, Inc. in St. Louis, Missouri, apparently did!  Support Dogs, Inc. is a national not-for-profit organization that has taken to utilizing an unlikely tutor in teaching their cadets in training.  It’s very important that service dogs aren’t distracted [...]

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Grand PooBox Contemporary Design Cat Litter Box To Consumer Market

Grand PooBox announces cat litter box pre-orders are shipping to customers and new orders will be shipping immediately. PORTLAND, ORE. (PRWEB) FEBRUARY 13, 2018 Portland’s designer and entrepreneur, Courtney Karsted, has announced her company, Grand PooBox, LLC is shipping her newly designed cat litter box. The year long effort by Grand PooBox, LLC ( has [...]

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PooBah of the Month – Bean

We received a heartwarming story from one of our valued customers of the Grand PooBox litter box and readers of our monthly newsletter, The Scoop from Rex. Enjoy our latest PooBah of the Month. Bean is a very special cat, once feral, gained the heart of his now favorite human, Lis. Lis met Bean at [...]

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Introducing the Grand PooBox | Meow Lifestyle

Check out this feature in Meow Lifestyle! I’d like to introduce a beautiful new litter box I came across. The Grand PooBox. I love finding and supporting small independent companies (especially those… Visit the article: Introducing the Grand PooBox | Meow Lifestyle      

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A Tail of Two Kitties

Upon choosing to become a feline pet owner, two can be better than one When considering a cat as your newest feline family member, understanding their innate desire to be free-spirited can be compared with unique ability to share the home with a fellow feline, whether it’s a sibling or a friend. As humans take [...]

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Cats and Litter Boxes, How Do They Know?

Training made easy when instinct plays a factor Training a cat can be a trying, if not a futile endeavor, but when it comes to litter boxes, training becomes easy. While felines tend to have a mind of their own without a desire to follow human requests, their instinct to bury its business is evident [...]

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Learning the Love Messages from your Feline Favorite

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the messages cats are trying to convey. They may prance right by you seemingly disinterested. Some might even show sloth-like behavior and other signs of boredom from their leisurely day. The attitude and love from your cat is often misunderstood. There are times your cat may nibble gently while licking [...]

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The Grand PooBox Litter Box Makes Life Easier for Cats and Cat Owners Alike

Rex meows with excitement about the innovative concept in the new Grand PooBox litter box Meow, my name is Rex. I’m eager to tell you about this amazing innovation my human has created and it’s made just for me…The Grand PooBox litter box. With a desire to get rid of the dirty old litter box [...]

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